Small Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves - 100 Pcs /Box

  • $11.95

Small Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves - 100 Pcs /Box

  • Powder Free Vinyl gloves come in a 100-count pack. They are strong and durable and won't leave that dusty powdery feeling on your hands after you take them off. Great for use to keep your hands clean while working with hair chemicals.


    Superior & Safer To Latex: Vinyl is a highly resilient material that offers exceptional protection against contaminations when handling blood, bodily fluids or chemicals. Vinyl has a higher puncture resilience than latex and is ideal for people with an allergy to natural latex rubber.

    Non-sterile Powder-free Latex-free stretch vinyl are an advanced formulation stretch vinyl that conform to the hands for excellent sensitivity when touch is critical.

    Soft and flexible material for good fit and comfort.

    Reliable material that minimizes tearing and punctures.

    No Latex Allergens - Non-Irritating

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