Dermal Sign H+

  • $275.00

Dermal Sign H+ improves skin hydration, tightens pores, reduces wrinkles and improves skin resilience and radiance by generating new skin cells.

By providing high-purity HA to aging skin, all types of skin concerns can be settled, Our patented cross-linking technology draws highter safety and higher satisfaction.

What is DermalSign H+?

As we get older, our skin lost water in body and skin tissue gets thinner, so capability to keep water diminishes and causes less elasticity. To delay skin aging, we need to provide water by drinking or injecting it to body. HyaluronAcid has 200~300 times higher water than it in our body, so it helps skin moist, make skin tone brightener and pure, and takes fine wrinkles away. By injecting DermalSignH+ in epidermal, superficial to mid dermis directly, you can get the follwing effects; Skin moisture, Elasticity, Brightening, Pore Tightening.

DermalSignH+ has excellent ability to maintain the volume expansion by absorbing wate refficiently; it helps to maintain skin volume in dermis, smooth skin texture, provides high level of moisture and stimulates collagen synthesis.

Key Ingredients: