Dermal Sign V+

  • $275.00

Dermal Sign V+ makes V-shaped jaw line by breaking down fat cells permanently.

For double chin, no need knife any more. Simply destroy fat cells beneath the chin and moproved the shape and contour of your jawline.

What is DermalSign V+?

Lipolysis so far used structure of fat dissolution, the effectiveness is low and yo-yo syndrome is frequently happened. However, DermalSign V+ is very strong lipolysis which maximizes the effectgiveness by doing both; Fat dissolution and fat splitting.

Main ingredient of DermalSign V+ is Deoxycholic acid which originally exists in our body, so has ability to destroy fat cells. Once fat cells are destroyed, it is impossible to accumulate fat again, Thus, it gets atention as the latest technology of lipolysis thanks to its permanent effectiveness.

Key Ingredients: