DE High Frequency Electrode Glass: Argon(Violet) & Neon(Orange)

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DE High Frequency Electrode Glass: Argon(Violet) & Neon(Orange)

The difference and Benefits Between Argon(Violet) & Neon(Orange) High Frequency Electrodes:

     An Argon(Violet) electrode is selected by an esthetician in order to treat acne prone skin. An extremely small amount of ultraviolet light is emitted when the violet electrode comes into contact with the skin. Such brief and low level UV exposure is considered safe and non-damaging while providing thorough anti-bacterial and healing benefits. These benefits comes forth due to the fact that Argon(Violet) is denser than air and displaces oxygen, this is part of the reason why after using high frequency the sparked bacteria is eliminated and emits an Ozone smell.

   Neon(Orange) electrodes are generally sought after for the treatment of aging skin because they direct more warmth to the treatment area therefore promoting blood circulation, encouraging cellular turnover rate and improving product penetration. Liquefied neon is commercially used as a cryogenic refrigerant (‘natural preservative’). Therefore the application of such gas into the pores has shown an ability to ‘preserve youth’ or reduce signs of aging by stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production.

This High Frequency Electrode Glass is suitable for  which model as: BB-BT-102-3, DE-122, DE-1010, DE-805, RH-10, RH-22, RH-23, RH-30, X-2, X-3, SY-5026,  etc.

(If you need hand piece for those electrodes . see Here for details). 

 Ref.,# DEP-4A, DEI-4B, DEP-4C, DEP-4D, DEP-4E

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