LED light Therapy Series

LED light Therapy Series:

LED light is a kind of natural therapy with the most technology for cell repair mechanisms. Light energy is absorbed underneath the skin, stimulating cell activity and metabolism, relieving muscle tension, and accelerating recovery time. it then helps purge bodily toxins and waste from the body and allow the rate of blood flow to increase. This brings more nutrients and vitamins to the body. 

Red light: Stimulates the production of collagen, Collagen is an essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to place old tissue. It is best used for fine lines, swollenness after surgery, and reducing size.

Blue Light: Acne bacteria contain porphyrins. The blue light is able to kill porphyrins due to the high affinity in this wavelength. The blue light, furthermore, has a calming effecty, which is effective on hypersensitivity.

Green Light: Green symbolizes the harmonic cycles of nature. It is the main healing color, It is used primarily for winkles and aged skin, reducing fine lines, nourishing the skin, promoting the healing process, and smoothing out scars

Yellow Light: Yellow light is a warm color that can stimulate both the lymphatic and nervous systems. It is used to tone muscles and to boost the immune system. Furthermore, it helps to relax and restore the sensitive skin's balance.