Skin Vacuum/Spray Lotion Machine

A Professional suction/Spray Lotion machine that was used at an esthetic salon ..

       Vacuuming helps remove dirt from your pores. In addition, the spray softens the skin and minimizes the impact on the skin during vacuuming by spraying fine purified water and lotion.
       We can recommend the suction of beauty facial equipment to salons who aim to "remove sebum, dirt, etc. clogged in pores, and the suction gives appropriate stimulation to the skin and prepares the skin." It is possible to remove keratin plugs, sebum, dirt, etc. clogged in pores that cannot be removed by washing your face. The skin after suction is an essential beauty equipment for beauty salons to increase the penetration rate of masks and beauty essences.
About the effect: Clear pores, promote blood circulation, lymphatic detox
     What is a spray beauty facial device?

     The spray of the esthetic beauty device is "by spraying purified water in the form of a mist to make it easier to suck, and by adding a lotion with low viscosity and spraying it, it can also be used for finishing." Even salons without a steamer can use the spray to soften the skin and minimize the impact on the skin. In addition, the spray used for finishing turns lotion and beauty essence into a mist that permeates the entire face, soothes and moisturizes, improves the treatment effect, and increases skin elasticity. 
About the effect:  soothing, moisturizing