Bella Needles(1-7 Prong)

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Bella needles (1 - 7 Prong) , 50 Pcs/box

Bella needles for eyebrow, eye and lip permanent makeup procedure. Each needle with the tube. Perfect for retouching

Fits For Bella Permanent Make Up Tattoo Machine

1 prong round needles :(BPN-1)

These single needles are primarily used for small touch up jobs & tight areas.

2 & 3 prong round needles :(BPN-2 & BPN-3)

The most popular needle in the range the 3 Round Bella Needle is commonly used for lip line & blend, top & bottom solid eyeliner, solid fill eyebrows and highlighting & adding texture to eyebrows.

3 & 4, 6 Flat needles :(BFN-3 & BFN-4, BFN-6)

These flat needles are used for solid fill eyebrow, lip

5 prong round needles : (BPN-5)

The 3 & 5 Bella round needle configuration comprise a large percentage of all machine work. 

The 5 Round Bella needles are perfect for soft, powdery eyebrows.

Ref. #: Prong Round Needle:  BPN-1, BPN-2, BPN-3, BPN-5, BPN-7,

            Flat Needle:  BFN-3, BFN-4, BFN-6

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