Wood Lamp

The Wood’s Lamp

The Wood’s lamp was developed by Robert Williams Wood, an American physicist.  It has been used in the medical profession to help diagnose such skin conditions as ringworm.

             The Wood’s lamp is used by the esthetician to help analyze skin conditions.  It works on the principle that different skin conditions show different colors when viewed under the deep ultra-violet light of the lamp.  The lamp works best when used in a totally dark room.  The ultra-violet rays let the esthetician analyze the surface and deeper layers of the skin to determine skin type and proper treatment of the client.  Blemishes that are barely visible to the naked eye can be seen readily under the Wood’s lamp.  Different skin conditions will show up in varied shades; for example, the thicker the skin, the whiter the fluorescence will be.  The following are some examples of skin conditions and their appearance under the Wood’s lamp.