Speck Remover Machine / Skin Tag Remover (KS-909A)

Speck Remover Machine / Skin Tag Remover (KS-909A)

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Speck Remover Machine / Skin Tag Remover (KS-909A)

Speck Remover Machine is a small, pen-like device, It is good for

* To delete spot. :To take the needle to touch on the spot lightly and the spot will be burn to black and fallen off. If the small spot will be easy to get rid off and if the large spot have to handle for two or three times .The beauty profession shall be keep in fixed gesture and customer have to don't move during in handle spots . If not , it will be bum out skin and affect the burn spot recovery.

* To erase granuloma.: To touch in the boot of granuloma with needle lightly , it can burn out the boot of granuloma . One week later , the granuloma will be fallen off. The area of granuloma shall not too large and burn out it for several times. 

* TO get rid of mole: It shall be distinguished from how deep of mole , some mole is on the skin surface and some mole boot is from hypoderm .
It shall be burn out with needle for several times and we suggest you handle the mole with little check. To avoid inflammation of wound , you should apply with the vivid cell nutrition before2-3 days of the wound recovery. 

Operative proceed

1, To take out needle ; and plug rough side of needle into the handle : Firstly, to release the white parts anticlockwise after that , switch the handle tightly ;t hen, insert B jack of handle into No.3 socket .The operator can't touch the needle directly.

2. To plug jack A of treadle set into No.4 socket and put treadle set on ground:  .During in operation , the treadle set will be sound "Be Be" , if your toe left out the treadle set , the output strength will be stopped .And the sound of "Be Be " will be stopped. 

3. Please plug power cord into No .1 socket at rear panel and plug the power cord into outlet ; then press No.2 button to start operation.
4. Before operation, sterilized the needle , beauty profession have to sterilized hand with alcohol or wear aseptic glove ; then clean and sterilize the desire part of customer and wiped aseptic alcohol on the desire part within 3mins to handle the erased spots matter .
5. After press No.5button "START" and press L:o. v volume button to adjust the output strength .The best output strength is IIIA1en needle touched on the desired cuticle , this spot Vllill be burn instantly .
If the output strength is too strong , the cuticle Vllill be burn more deeply.
If the output strength is too weak , the cuticle Vllill be scalded and you Vllill feel very painful.
6. During in operation, if you want to change needle or pause operating , You have to confirm exactly turn off No,2 power switch, otherwise ,it will be caused damage .

* Switch manual and auto : Please press No.6 button: To press No.6 button to set in manual, the user have to step the treadle set and it will be sound "Be Be " to warn . If the user want to operate continuously ; press No.6 button to determine "AUTO " it will be sound "Be Be " , it means the strength output continuously , the user will not necessary to step treadle set . Please use this machine carefully

* Cautions:

1. During in the treatment period , the customer shall not apply for any cosmetic and water . The customer shall not exposed under sun to avoid the new born skin exposed under sun will be caused dark and changed to dark spots.
The best way is before the aseptic of skin take off to stick an ok band on it and apply for some uv cream to protect new born skin .
2. The recovery period is about 7-12 days .
3. In deal vvith little spot , if use the anesthetic , the recovery time about 5-8 days .
4. The people who have diabetes and the wound not easy to recovery can't Use this machine.
5. If the customer have alcohol and flammable chemicals on face , you should clean out before operating.
6. To avoid damage , the needle shall be far away from high temperature material .
7. To prohibit operating on around of eyes .

Professional Use Only 

  • VOLTAGE:AC100V/110V/120V
  • WATT:28W
  • N.W.:2KG
  • MEASUREMENT:32x20x9cm

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