Speck Remover Machine / Skin Tag Remover (KS-909A)

Speck Remover Machine / Skin Tag Remover (KS-909A)

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Speck Remover Machine / Skin Tag Remover (KS-909A)

Speck Remover Machine is a small, pen-like device that utilizes radio frequency energy to remove small skin lesions. The treatment vaporizes the moisture found in skin cells causing them to dry up and ultimately fall off until a lesion is cleared. In some cases, one treatment is all it takes, but a series of treatments may be advised. It’s quick, effective and relatively painless!

Common uses are for:
-Skin Tags removal
-Clogged Pores treatment
-Cherry Angiomas
-Broken Capillaries
-Cholesterol Deposits
-Speck removal

Professional Use Only 

  • VOLTAGE:AC100V/110V/120V
  • WATT:28W
  • N.W.:2KG
  • MEASUREMENT:32x20x9cm

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