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I.    Brief introduction on the function of Ultrasonic Cosmetic Instrument

        Ultrasonic cosmetic has been widely used and popularized since the early of the 1980s.Wide therapeutic range, better effect, high cure rate and easy to control made the ultrasonic cosmetics instrument the most practical and welcomed installation among others. Ultrasonic wave whose frequency is more than 20,000HZ, is a variety of sound vibration without Being able to be perceived by common sense of hearing. It functions are as follows:

  1. Mechanical Function: 
Ultrasonic wave has stronger power since it has more energy. When it acts on our body, it stimulates the body cells, produces such tiny massage that it expands the space in which the cells exist, causes the movement of cytopiasm, the rotation of mitochondia, the vibration of cell nucleus; stimulates and expands the cell membrane. Therefore it can improve local blood and lymph circulation, increase the penetration among the cells, and improve the metabolism and regeneration of body cells.

It is known that thee mechanical fun action of ullltrasonic wave can softne body tissues, increase the pennetraiton, proomote metabolism, speed up blood ciirculation, stimulate neerve system and improve the cells funtion; therefore the massage applied by ultrasond has more therapeutic funtion And optimum effect than that by common instrument.

  1. Warming and Heating Function
Warming and heating is one of the important therapeutic factors of ultrasound. It is kind of internal heat. About 79-80% of which is absorbed and carried away by blood circulation form the action part, while the rest 18-21% of the heat penetrate to nearly tissues. The patients perceive little sense of feeling during the cosmetic.

       Different therapeutic method produces different Intent City of heat on body tissues. When successive state is used (mark:), higher heat is produced by fixed mode than movable mode; while pulse state is used (mark:     ). The heat effect will be little. General speaking, the warming and heating function of ultrasound  can change the fun action of blood vessels and change the process of metabolism, aped p blood circulation, reduce nerve excitement, produce sedation and relax the muscles.

  1. Chemical Function

The biochemical function of ultrasound mainly comes from its reactin ability of anabolism and of catabolism, anabolism is a process that centralizes the same and similar molecules. Small doses of ultrasound can promote the synthesis of protein inside the sells, regenerate the wounded tissues; while therapeutic doses, promote the synthesis of fiber cells of human body. Catabolism is a process, which reduces viscosity and quantity of large molecules, so that the concentration of the drug can be reduced and the medicine absorbed. It is seen that ultrasound has the chemical function of catalysis, accelerates the process of metabolism, changes the pH value of the tissues towers alkali, lightens the skin inflammation suffered from acid poisoning and pain, increases the penetration between cell membranes, decomposes molecules of drugs, helps the drug penetrate into the bacterial body and kill them. In brief, the mechanical, warming and heating and chemical function of ultrasound makes local tissues slightly massaged, the temperature of local tissues raised, expansion of cytoplasm increased, cells stimulated, blood circulation accelerated, tissues softened, chemical reaction speeded up, metabolism increase, function of the ferment strengthened, pH value changed. All of these result in physiological effect and therapeutic function through the role of nerve and body fluid.

  1. Therapeutic and cosmetic Function of Ultrasound
  2. Therapeutic function of ultrasonic medicinal penetration
When the medicine is added with contestant, it will spread and penetrated into the tissues by the action of ultrasound and increase its therapeutic effect. In the course of therapy, the intensity of ultrasound is generally between 0.4-0.5% w-cm2(mark on the display:yellow section ),lasts fir 10-15 minutes, the therapy has the following characteristics:
  • Wide ranging medicinal source, the drug is not limited to ionic substances.
  • Penetration by medicinal ultrasound is more and deeper than that by mere ointment
  • The concentration of medicine is not confined to ionization.
  • Have nothing to do with electrodes, which influences the intensity and time of medical action.
  • The drugs used are not confined to soluble substances.
  • No electric stimulation, any electric burns.
  • Simple operation, the more sticky the drug used, the more potency it produces and the more effective the medicine will be.
  1. Cosmetic Function of Ultrasound
  • Softening thrombus, remove erythema

When capillaries in the facial part and general circulation are obstructed, red spots on the face appear when the mites penetrate into the skin, they also cause “brandy nose”, which is difficult to cure with common drugs and common cosmesis. The mechanical, physical and chemical function of ultrasonic pulse therapy accompanied with invigorating blood ointment is able to soften thrombus, expand blood vessels, speed up blood circulation and promote metabolism: therefore it is possible to make the abnormal vessels return to normal, and then remove the “red spot” caused by the mites and help the injured tissues return to normal.

  • Remove the scars after the acne healed

When the inflamed acne growing on the face is mistreated, pressed or extrude to much, it will cause the capillaries broken, cause the blood to penetrate outward, it will cause the capillaries broken, cause the blood to penetrate outward, it will leave a small “red mark” on the face.  Someone uses such strong ointment that it stimulates the skin and causes the pigment declined.  That causes to leave a “coffee-colored mark” on the face.  Ultrasonic wave can penetrate into the skin, solve the extravagated blood, improve blood circulation and metabolism of the cells and gradually remove the colored marks away, Generally, ointment treatment with ultrasound is once every other day and the course takes 10 times.

  • Remove the abnormal skin color

Abnormal pigmentary deposits on the skin, such as brown flecks, bombed flecked, butterfly flecks, are usually treated with polishing, bleaching or skin protector, whose effect isn’t notable.  When ultrasonic treatment is accompanied with different Chinese, herbal medicine or high unit vita, the effect will be remarkable.  It’s necessary to take a minute analysis o different pigmentary flecks.  Abnormal flecks including those, whose, cause can’t be sought out, can be treated through ultrasonic treatment.  Good results will be achieved after 3 times of application, and removed away after 10 ~ 40 times.  If accompanied with Chinese herbal drug or mounding therapy, the result will be better.

  • Decompose abnormal pigment and remove flecks under skin

Flecks on the face is usually treated with freezing, burning, polishing or skin-grafting etc, but frequently you will get half the result with twice the effort.  If treated with ultrasound and smeared with paste for external application, the result will be better.  The course lasts for 10 times and pauses for one week in the middle.  The distinctive characteristic of ultrasonic cosmetic instrument for external treatment is that it can destroy the membrane of abnormal pigment cells, help the paste penetrate into the skin, decompose abnormal pigment.  Flecks disappear during the course of metabolism.

  • Prevent, remove facial wrinkles and extravagated blood

Wrinkles are the symbol of senility.  When ultrasonic cosmetic instrument is applied together with high quality of anti-wrinkle paste, it is able to promote metabolism, to be anti-senility, prevent the forming of wrinkles.  The cause is that it acts as mechanical massage, which regulates and readjusts arrangement of the cells under skin, speed up blood circulation, supplements the skin with nutrient and water, this leads to clear up wrinkles and extravagated blood as well as flecks on the face.

  • Remove “eye- sack” and “black eye- rim”

Some diseased factors such as declined catabolism cause excess lymphatic fluid, excess fat and water group in the part under the eyes, then eye- sacks form as time goes by.

Besides, short of sleep, over tired or blood circulation obstructed, also cause the forming of “black eye –rim”.  The mechanical massage by ultrasonic instrument can accelerate blood and lymph circulation; excess fluid and fat is carried away.  The heat ultrasound produces helps to solve the fat so that it favorable absorbed by the tissues.  Black eye – rim is thus removed.  Slightly massage the facial skin with ultrasonic cosmetic instrument along the direction of wrinkles, each time 5 minutes.  This leads to improve the condition.

  • Soften nodule and cure acne

There are different kinds of acne.  The common is postulant acne and Vulgarize acne.  There is also big, swollen, modulated, painful acne.  These kinds of acne result from congestion or inflammation of lymphatic vessels and difficult to cure.  It is better to apply ultrasonic Comsys with antiphlogistic.  Slightly massage the surface of the affected part.  Each acne or each part of acne is to be massaged each times one minute or so.  This will remove the symptom of congestion, the inflamed cells change their form under the reaction of ultrasound.  Nodular acne softened and scars on the face prevented.

  • Cure the sclerosis and the parchment

This kind of skin disease results from sclerosis, dryness or crack of skin.  It is ugly to see and the sufferers feel discomfortable.  Besides taking oral medicine, the disease can be cured through the massage of ultrasonic instrument accompanied with glycerin, liquid paraffin wax and high quality of skin lubricant.  The therapy will rapidly improve the symptom.

  • Regularly massage the facial skin and improve its quality

Stimulated by different factors, the facial skin may undergo certain kind of transformation, such as growing acne, flecks or wrinkles etc.  Correctly and properly applied with ultrasonic cosmetic instrument, the texture of skin can be improved.

III.         Doses of treatment by ultrasonic cosmetics

Doses of treatment by ultrasonic cosmetic consist of intensity of ultrasonic wave, period of treatment, times of treatment, points of attention during applying, course of treatment etc.  The intensity for facial massage should be controlled between 0.5 ~ 1.25W – cm2

The period of the treatment for entire face is generally 5 ~ 15 minutes, to raise the dose or prolong the period will not multiply the effect of treatment.

The course maybe decided according to different diseases.

Acne: 3 ~ 5 times

Chronic disease such as brown flecks, scars, eye –sack, black eye – rim etc. one times every other day, one course lasts for 10 times.

Prevention treatment: 1 ~ 2 times every week.  If the patient’s condition took a serious turn during the specific treatment, reduce the intensity and suitably prolong the course of treatment, the interval between the two courses should be 1 ~ 2 weeks, if the treatment adds up to 3 ~ 4 courses, the interval may be prolonged after the second period.

The ultrasonic cosmetic instrument has 2 kinds of wave state (  continue wave    ).  One is successive wave the other is pulse wave ().  The former is a beam of successive ultra – rays that emit it constantly, the intensity is remarkable.  The latter is a beam of interval ultra – rays which emit itself regularly, each pulse lasts for a tiny fraction of a second.  Therefore the important characteristic is that the heat effect is so remarkably reduced that the mechanical action can be brought into full play.

The decision of wave state: Generally, pulse state is suitable for the inflammatory, ustulant or capillaries – expanded diseases: while successive state is suitable for the other.

  1. Method and steps for ultrasonic cosmetic 

Ultrasonic cosmetic adopts direct touching radiation.  During the treatment, the ultrasonic head is demanded to get in touch directly with the skin.  The gently and slowly move the head, circularly or back and forth on the treated position.  0.5 ~ 2cm2 per second is suitable.


  1. Before treatment, clear up your facial skin with washing emulsion.
  2. Wipe off the emulsion; evaporate your face with sprayer for 10 minutes.
  3. Clean up any dirt and acne on the face so as not to prevent the ultrasonic wave from entering the skin.
  4. Gently slap yourself on every part of you face with astringent.
  5. After wiping the astringent off, your facial skin will obtain thorough sterilization and optimum protection.
  6. Make detailed analyze on the classification of your skin, select the suitable ointment.
  7. Put the adequate amount of ointment selected homogeneously on your face.
  8. Put the instrument plug into the electrified socket.
  9. Pushes the “ENERGY” button adjust the intensity. Of the energy according to “energy” display, generally to the yellow and green section, also varies with the skin quality, age and forbearance of the patient.
  10. Adjust applying time according to “TIME Display”, generally 15 minutes.
  11. Select corresponding wave state ( ) – successive wave or pulse wave (      ) according to the necessity.
  12. Grasp the ultrasonic detector; massage the skin, which has been applied with different ointment. The time needed varies with different facial parts.
  13. Wash the ultrasonic head after the treatment.
  14. If possible, molding the face with selected Chinese herbal power on the skin.
  1. Technical specification of ultrasonic cosmetic instrument
  1. Frequency: 1.00MHz ~ 1.1 MHz (loaded)
  2. Working time (1 ~ 3 minutes) (adjustable)
  3. ENERGY Output Display is divided into 10 grade. (Yellow: 3 grades, Green: 3 grades, Red: 4 grades).
  4. Power Output: 0 ~ 10W (adjustable)
  5. Pulse wave frequency output: 4Hz (adjustable)/

Ref. #: RH-200


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