Laser Tattoo Removal Machine SL-2007

Laser Tattoo Removal Machine SL-2007

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 Laser Tattoo Removal Machine SL-2007

Scope of application:

The Nd:YAG laser energy output by Q-switching can be absorbed by blue and melanin particles in biological tissues. The pigment particles expand and rupture after absorbing the laser energy. The rupture turns into smaller particles and is excreted from the body or is engulfed by giant cells and passes through the lymphatic system. Metabolize it, thus removing the pigment. VICYORY2 (referred to as v2) laser eyebrow washing machine can remove blue and melanin in biological tissues and is used for eyebrow washing, eyeliner washing, tattoo pigment removal, etc. When equipped with V532 converter, it can be used to remove brown and red pigments.

Taboo range:

Pigments containing iron ions. When pigments containing iron ions are irradiated by laser, black iron oxide particles that are not easy to fade will be produced, causing the operation to fail.

Important notes:

For your safety and the safety of others, we hereby solemnly declare: All operators must have medical technology training and laser safety knowledge training! Operators and maintenance personnel must pay close attention to the possible dangers caused by Nd:YAG laser! The maintenance and repair of the product must be carried out by the company or its authorized maintenance personnel! Special note: Due to the latest technological improvements, there is no need to use the perforated water tank plug when the machine is working, and the perforated water tank plug is not shipped with the machine.


1, The pistol shell of VICYORY2 is equipped with a precision laser optical system. During transportation, the shock-absorbing packaging provided must be used, otherwise it may cause the laser system to become out of balance and affect the energy required by the laser. 

2, The operating pistol shell of this product is equipped with a precision and fragile laser device, which should be placed and used to prevent it from falling.

Ref.#:  SL-2007

Professional Use Only 

   This is high tech Equipment , Please allow 4~6 weeks lead to process shipment if item is not in inventory . Email us for detail .

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