Conditioning Dryer: DE-504

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Conditioning Dryer: DE-504

Operating Process:

 Power On---Start On---Warm Wind Comes Out---Time End with 5 BiBi Sound---Power Off

How to Operate this Device:(Press Power on and then press start button)

1, It loaded the operating time in 10 mins to make a cycle, increase to decreased operating time within one min.

2, It loaded the operating temp. in 48 degree (38~62 for choose) to make a cycle. increase or decreased operation time with 1c.

3, Please turn off the power and plug off the cord.

4, For avoiding dangerous, when adjusted the height of hair dryer, please press down the tube and then rotate the height adjustable knob....


     VOLTAGE:AC100V/110V/120V/50Hz,  WATT:1100W

     N.W. : 10KG,,    MEASUREMENT :72x78x162cm

Item packed as:

     1. 22“X19”X17“      20LBS

     2. 28"X6" X 5"       10LBS



Professional Use Only 

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