O3 Ozone Clean: BB-388

O3 Ozone Clean: BB-388

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O3 Ozone Clean: BB-388


   Works on Acne, Pimples and Scars, as it Cleanse and Evens skin tone.

    What is O3?

Oxygen turns to O3 after electrical dissolution; the chemical reaction is O + O2 →O3. O3 does exist in the air but in a very small amount. With is unique smell, it enables you to feel refreshed like you have just taken a walk in the forest or by the sea. A thundershower will form if there is a lot of O3 in the air. The refreshing feeling after a thundershower is due to O3 in the air. The more O3 you breathe in, the more refresh you’ll feel..

  Protect Beautiful Skin

Enable your skin to breathe using highly effective oxygen

 Having a balance and radiant skin is the dream of every woman. The anion carrying O3 in the O3 Ozone Cleansing & Beauty Kit can clean the skin thoroughly; it kills the bacteria, reduces inflammation, improves and evens your skin tone. The machine uses the most natural way to enable your skin’s natural beauty to shine thru for a healthier and more beautiful you.

 Contributions from O3-anion-carrying oxygen

Ozone O3 has three oxygen atoms, among which, one has a very strong power to move and can easily be combined with other elements; enabling it to sterilize, detoxify, deodorize and tones your skin.O3 is know to help reduce pain, balance the pH of the skin and brighten the skin tone.

 The energy of O3 has been well know, it is used in the medical profession and cosmetology. Not only can it speed up the purification of the blood, but it can also increase the metabolism and maintain the normal integrity of the cell membrane. It enhances the cells’ ability to discharge CO2 and its intake of oxygen and nutrients. O3 increases the number of immuno globin in your blood cells as a result your resistance to illnesses increase. Furthermore, O3 enables skin secretions to function normally and smoothly by reducing the release of neurotic hormone and histamine. By absorbing through your capillaries, O3 can thoroughly improve your skin for a healthier and younger looking you.


The Most Effective Ways to Use O3:

Step 1: Stable O3

Turn the machine on for 30 seconds to begin the decomposition of oxygen from the air to obtain stable O3from 3O2 + 2O3.

 Step 2 – Deep Cleansing

After cleaning your face, apply the machine to the T-zone and U-zone. This will help to remove dirt and obstructions thoroughly in your capillaries and will decompose the melanin precipitated in the hypodermal area for a deep cleaning effect.

 Step 3 – Sterilization & Reducing Inflammation

O3 made by this machine is a clean refreshing air that can be absorbed through direct contact with the skin. It has the effect of killing bacteria, preventing inflammation to the skin and infection. It can also help improve problems like oily skin, pimples, acne and certain types of sores.

  Formation of Acne

 When the skin cells are aging and slow in the process of regeneration, it will cover the capillary one layer over another, which will cause the oil to increase and eventually forma an obstruction. We simply call this obstruction acne.

 Types of Acnes

White-top acne (white) Obstruction because of abnormal secretion of oil. It builds up inside the capillary and forms red, white or sore-like protruding acne.

 Black-top acne (black) Enlarged capillaries accumulate oil and the top is covered by dirt.

 Pimple (red acne) The sebaceous glands consistently secrete oil and when it cannot produce enough oil, it breaks out. Then your skin will inflame and be infected by a virus. White blood cells will gather together to fight against the virus, which will form congestion, thus your skin will be irritated and hurt.

 Sore (yellow acne) This happens when the virus dies or when the dead white blood cells turns to pus.

 Acne scar (concave) When the skin is infected and is not getting proper treatment, the virus goes deep into your dermal layer and reproduces. The injured parts shrink because of inflammation and when it does get the proper treatment, it forms a concave area in your skin.

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