Supersonic Beauty Stimulator Machine: BB-380N

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Supersonic Beauty Stimulator Machine: BB-380N

The Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator is a supportive device designed to work with the products you use in your beauty regimen! Most creams stay on the surface of the skin, and do not make much difference when applied. The Stimulator helps to give you the best absorption possible with warm micro-sonic waves. 

The high frequency produced by the Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator can vibrate over one million circles per second and produce a delicate massage from skin surface to deep subcutaneous tissues. 

As reported, ultrasonic application on cosmetics makes remarkable progress and amazing effects, Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator can accelerate the metabolism, expel the old cuticle, and remove the black spots and pigments.

Using the machine with circular motion, skin care product can now be absorbed with a much greater capacity. Imagine being able to dramatically change your products performance, giving you greater satisfaction and results! A great solution for maximizing time and and investment in your beauty care.

With correct application, a set  of cosmetic system massaged by the Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator can make cosmetic products work more efficiently and achieve pure, smooth, clear skin in a short time.

 Ref. #: BB-380N

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