Rejuve Therma G RF System III

Rejuve Therma G RF System III

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Rejuve Therma G RF System III

 Benefit: face care/ facial lifting with the creation of collagen/wrinkle care plus lightening of dark spots.

What is R.F system?

 When the ion of the molecules forming the biologic tissue are affected by R.F. (Radio Frequency), polarization movement can be generated as the positive charges of the ion are being carried up toward the direction of the negative electrode while the negative charges of the ion are being carried toward the positive electrode by the alternating current.

 While the above movement is under process, every time when the direction of the current changed, bio-heat is radiated due to the revolution actions, twists and crushes of the molecules against each other, which form the tissues of the human body.

Not like those of other types of current, this High Frequency does not give an impetus to the sensory or motor nerves, not cause an inconvenience to the human body and nor its affects to flex the muscle, but still the particular area inside the human tissue can be efficiently heated.

The High frequency Energy that has been converted into the biothermal energy increase the tissue’s temperature and helps expansion of the cells of the tissues, promote activation of the cellulation and improve the effectiveness of Lymph Drainage. These kinds of treatments are called as a Thermotherapy. The RF System is the one introduced microscopic method rather than basing on the kinds of theories.

 Deep Heat Effectiveness of R. F System

  • Promotion of Blood and Lymph Circulation
  • Restoration of the skin’s elasticity
  • Revival and activation effectiveness of the cellulation
  • Increase of expansibility of fiver collagen tissue
  • Mitigation of pain and muscle contracture
  • Combustion of Body Fat at the time of Fatness Treatment
  • Anti-aging effectiveness
  • Promotion of metabolism function
  • Mitigation of joint hardness
  • Improvement effectiveness at the time of having an eye-disease treatment

 Internal Temperature (40~43°)

  • Expansion of Blood Vessel
  • Increase of Amount of Blood Stream
  • Increase of amount of oxygen inflow and Dismantling of Fat
  • Promotion of Lymph Refinement
  • Exhaust of Waste Materials
  • Toxin and Fat
  • Softening of Cellulite and Promotion of Metabolism
  • Increase of Expansibility
  • Mitigation of Muscle Contracture
  • Increase of oxygen inflow amount
  • Combustion of fat within muscle

 Bariatrics Clinic

Beauty and Forming Clinics that utilize the deep heat of the R.F. System

 Internal Thermal Increase                    ►Increase of Oxygen inflow                  →  Discharge of Cellulite Softening

                                                      Effectiveness of Aerobic Training

                  ↓                                  Energize of Fat                                                                        ↓

                                                  ►Promotion of Blood and Lymph Circulation                        

Expansion of Blood Vessel      ►Elimination of Waste and Toxic Materials            Control of Form and Fat

                                                  ►Activation of Metabolism


Promotion of Metabolism: Through the activation of metabolism by the deep heat,

                                            energizing of the fat can be accelerated.

Blood and Lymph Circulation can be promoted: Fat, Waste and Toxic Materials

Body Lifting Effectiveness: Providing the rough skin with an elasticity (Increase the

                                             elasticity to the fiber tissue)

Internal’s Clinic: It helps the removal of constipation by promoting the actions of the

                            internal organs thanks to the warming action of the deep heat – Very

                            effectiveness for the mitigation of the feeling of cold of the belly.

Control of the Back: Mitigation of muscle contraction and stresses.

Control of Chest: Effectiveness of restoration of chest’s elasticity and chest’s-up

 Skin Clinic

 Internal Thermal Increase                    ►Supply Oxygen and Organic Nutritive       •Increase Metabolic

                   ↓                                            Elements                                                       Function

Increase of Blood Inflow Amount       ►Increase Cellular Function                          •Inducement of

                                                →         ►Increase Blood and Lymph Circulation        Collagen Creation

Expansion of Blood Vessel                     Action                                                          •Rejuvenation & Lifting

 - Due to the increase of the blood inflow amount, the supply of oxygen and organic

   nutritive elements has become more proper so that it generates various effectiveness

   of the elimination of toxic and waste materials can be made actively while the

   metabolic function also becomes more active, and inducement of collagen generation.

Pain Clinic


Internal Thermal Increase     →    Promotion of cellular      →     Relaxation of muscle

                                                       metabolic function                                   ↓

                                                                                         ►Increase of expansibility of fiber collagen

                                               Relaxation of pain    ←    ►Considerable reduction of joint stiffness


- Due to the internal thermal action the muscle tissues become relaxed softly thus it shows very

  effectiveness in pain treatments.

 Alopecia Clinic


Internal Thermal Increase   →   Increase of blood   →   Increase supply of        →    Depilation and hair

                                                   Inflow amount             nutritive elements of             hair health


- Due to activated blood circulation, the substance movement becomes more proper so

   that it helps increase supply of nutritive elements (Albumen, mineral and vitamin) to

   the hair root cells.

- Thanks to the impetus given to the hair follicle, it helps accelerate the growth of hair in

   the growth and respite passes.

- It is effective for treatment for the damaged hair, scborrheic and scurry hair

- At the time of treatment performed applying the RF System, it give no pain.

Apllicable Areas of the RF System

 Bariatrics Clincs

  • Fatness control by each area of human body
  • Combustion of body fatness
  • Correction of human form


  • Increase Mesotheraphy Treatment Effectiveness

 Skin Clinic

  • Lifting Effectiveness
  • Whitening Effectiveness
  • Control of Acne and Flecks
  • Control of Wrinkles

 Pain Clinic

  • Considerable reduction of joint stiffness
  • Mitigation of pain

 Alopecia Clinic

  • Promote hair growth by giving an impulsion to the hair follicle (when the hair root exist)
  • Strengthen the weak and thin hairs


  • Control of the drooped abdomen after childbirth


  • At the time of treatment being performed for erectile disfunction and urinary incontinence


Professional Use Only 

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