2-Function Beauty Instrument (SY-5026) @ 220~240V

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2-Function Beauty Instrument (SY-5026) @ 220~240V


1. High Frequency

To increase the circulation of blood/ metabolism, helps skin products penetrate deeper layers of skin, and creates deep heating without affecting the muscles.

2. Galvanic

The positive (absorb) pole is used:

1) To close the pores after facial treatment

2) To decrease redness in mild acne

3) To prevent inflammation after comedone and blemish treatment

4) To force acid pH solutions such as astringent into the skin.

The negative (removal) pole is used:

1) To stimulate the circulation of blood to dry skin

2) To force disincrustation locution (alkaline pH solution) into the skin


Voltage: 220V~240V/60Hz. Wattage: 22W. Measurement: 12"X11"X8" Weight: 15LB



Ref.#: SY-5026 @220~240V

Professional Use Only 

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