360 Rotating Radio Frequency System

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360 Rotating Radio Frequency SystemIntroduction

The therapeutic effects of Hyperthermia on the human body have been well- known since the 19th Century, mainly being indicated for inflammatory processes, usually accompanied by pain.
Methods used made it very difficult to obtain deep, controlled and harmless thermal increase and some required "invasive" techniques.
What is 360 ROTATING RF?
360 ROTATING RF Radio Frequency (RF) Technology is an innovative proprietary approach developed. that maximizes the benefits of RF technology while avoiding its drawbacks. 360 ROTATING RF RF technology is simple to use yet extremely efficient and powerful. In fact it is so effective that its results on skin tightening and cellulite reduction are visible right from the first treatment.
Benefits of 360 ROTATING RF RF Technology:

 Treatment is not painful –360 ROTATING RF RF technology focuses the RF energy right where it is needed requiring much lower energy than other RF technologies, thus avoiding the associated pain for the client.
 Treatment of both superficial and deeper fat layers – The 360 ROTATING RF RF technology uses sophisticated algorithms to control the treatment electrodes varying the current and polarity to achieve variable energy focus in different fat layers resulting in visible clinical results from the first treatment.
 Selective heating of fat tissue – The 360 ROTATING RF technology directs energy selectively to fat tissue avoiding heating to other tissues thus achieving better clinical results.
 No cooling of skin or applicator is needed – The 360 ROTATING RF RF configuration and sophisticated control algorithm eliminates the need for skin and applicator cooling resulting in more efficient treatment and requires less treatment sessions.
 Fewer treatment sessions – 360 ROTATING RF RF technology delivers focused energy achieving better and faster results.
 Light technology not required – applicable for all skin types and colors.

The 360 ROTATING RF is designed to operate from any 50/60Hz single phase supply between 100 and 230 Vac. All information on model, serial number, and month/year of manufacture is located on the rear panel. 

Safety Precautions
Must not be applied to brain, backbone, eye, heart, testicles, ovary, pregnant womb, good or bad tumor and tuberculosis.
Not suitable for the application to the following : bleeding, circulation troubles ( thrombus arterial sclerosis, etc.), acute inflammation of joint and bone, suppuration of soft tissues, etc.
Patients with Heart pacemakers bad/or other electronic implants
Electro Therapies or diagnoses should never be employed on patients with electronic implants, such as heart pacemakers, without obtaining prior approval of a specialist.
Use only certified-safe accessory items.
Use only those accessory items listed in the equipment’s instruction manual. Any other accessory items employed should be certified as safe for such use by a testing authority.

Technical Specification.

Power input.......100~230 Vac 50/60Hz;     Maximum Power........60W;       Classification (EN60601-1)......... Class 1, Type BF; Mains Fuse.......2 X T2A (5x20mm); Size(height x width x depth)........120*48*33cm;     Weight.........16 Kg.

Output Parameter:

 Carrier Frequency............1Mhz Out;  Modes..........4 & 9 polar;     Treatment Timer....0 to 60 minutes;  Safety Device...........Zero Start, Safety Switch.

Environmental Conditions for Transport and Storage

Temperature -10 to +35 C
 Relative Humidity 5 to 95%
 Atmospheric Pressure 500 to 1060 hPa




Professional Use Only 

Ref.#: 360 RF

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