808NM Diode Laser And YAG Laser Machine

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808NM Diode Laser And YAG Laser Machine

Product Advantages
1、Laser: Use the world's top vertical stack laser
① Long service life: 10 million times of continuous light emission;
2、Efficient and stable cooling system
The laser cooling system adopts constant temperature cooling, which can ensure that the entire system continues to work 7*24 hours. The air cooling + water-cooling method commonly used in the market can only work continuously for 2-3 hours.
3、Adopting contact type sapphire cooling system, efficient cooling transmission efficiency, making the skin more comfortable during treatment
4、Intelligent water temperature control system: avoid excessive water temperature and damage to the handle。
5、Unique shape design and color matching make the product more beautiful and fashionable。
6、The distance traveled by the honeycomb picosecond laser is very short, which means that the more selective the treatment, the higher the safety, and the shorter the number of treatments, the stronger the curative effect! The honeycomb picosecond laser can reduce it It is crushed into fine sand, so that the absorption efficiency of pigment fragments is greatly improved, the treatment time and the number of
treatments are greatly shortened, and the freckle effect is more obvious.
1 second s=1000 milliseconds ms,
1 millisecond ms=1000 microseconds us,
1 microsecond us=1000 nanoseconds ns
1 nanosecond ns=1000 picosecond ps
1 second s=1,000,000,000,000 picosecond ps

Functional Principle

The 808nm diode laser hair removal system uses its unique long pulse width laser to penetrate the epidermis to the hair follicle. According to the selective light absorption principle, the energy of the laser is preferentially absorbed by the melanin in the hair, and the hair loses its ability to regenerate. During the treatment, the unique sapphire dynamic cooling technology of the system makes the epidermis anesthetized in a short time, so as to ensure that the epidermis will not be burned, and achieve painless, fast and permanent hair removal. 3 Picocare & Picowon uses the top technology to treat pigmented diseases. Through fast and powerful energy, the pigment in the skin is more finely crushed, and then the principle of removing tattoos and stains through the principle of lymphatic drainage. Therefore, the treatment process is shortened from the original 10 times to 2 to 3 times, and the dermis is not damaged, reducing the possibility of side effects and increasing the success rate of the operation. According to the principle of selective light thermal decomposition, the shorter the action time of the laser, the less likely it is for the laser energy absorbed in the target tissue to diffuse to the surrounding tissues, and the energy is confined to the target to be treated to a degree, protecting the surroundings Normal tissues, and thus the more selective the treatment. The pulse width of the picosecond laser is only one hundredth of that of the traditional Q-switched laser. Under this ultra-short pulse width, the light energy is too short to be converted into heat energy, and there is almost no photothermal effect. After being absorbed by the target, its volume expands rapidly. The photomechanical effect is torn into fragments by blasting, and the selectivity is stronger, and the pigmented skin lesions can be treated with a shorter number of times to produce a stronger curative effect. In one sentence, “the picosecond laser breaks the pigment particles more thoroughly, while causing less damage to the surrounding tissues.” If we compare the original pigment particles to rocks, the traditional Q switched laser can break these rocks into the size of pebbles, and the picosecond laser can break them into fine sand, so that the absorption efficiency of pigment fragments is improved. Greatly improved.

Applicable Range
1、808 diode laser
Hair removal: Effectively remove unwanted hair from various parts of the human body, such as armpit hair, beard, lip hair, bun, bikini line, and limb hair. Skin rejuvenation: shrink pores and whiten skin.
2、YAG laser
1. 532nm: Remove red, coffee, brown and other light -colored eyebrows, tattoos, and lips; fade red or tan fetal notes,and Epidermal spots (freckles, sun spots, and old spots.)
2. 1064nm: Remove dark tattoos, tattoos, eyeliners such as blue and black; traumatic pigmentation and leather spots.
3. 755nm: Dilute chloasma, dry spots, dermal spots and other refractory stains, skin rejuvenation and skin.
4, 1320nm: remove yellow whitening, remove black head acne, collect fine pores, and balance oil secretion.

Technical Parameters
Laser type: diode laser Laser wavelength: 808nm
Working frequency: 1--10Hz adjustable Spot size: 12×16mm
Diode laser power: 300W Input power: 1600W
Small picosecond laser power: 500W Frequency: 1-10Hz adjustable
Maximum single pulse output energy: ≥1500mJ
Laser wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm, 1320nm(755 optional)
Operating language: English Output mode: pulse
Screen size: 10.4-inch color touch screen Shell material: Metal
Cooling system: semiconductor refrigeration + water cooling + air-cooled constant
temperature cooling
Handle temperature: -10--5℃
Power supply voltage: AC220V/AC110V (customizable)

Ref.#: 808NM AS15

Professional Use Only 

   This is high tech Equipment , Please allow 4~6 weeks lead to process shipment if item is not in inventory . Email us for detail .

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