Microneedling DermaPen with LED Display 6 Speed Levels & New 16pin Fine Needle 0.18mm Gauge Smaller Diameter

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Microneedling DermaPen with LED Display 6 Speed Levels & New 16pin Fine Needle 0.18mm Gauge Smaller Diameter


  • Automated vertical miconeedling technology for more efficiency and less painful treatment.
  • Strong motor design: durable, stable, low-heat and low-noise.
  • Perfectly spaced 16pin/36pin/Nano Needles made of high grade stainless steel.
  • 6 Level adjustable speed control is selected for different body part and applications for optimal and precision microneedling operation.
  • Accurate Adjustable needle length 0 to 2.5mm can be selected based on patients conditions such as skin thickness, treatment area and needling applications, providing cost-effective and most optimal treatment.
  • High-end material body. Good for heat-dissipating. Durable and reliable for heavy-duty demand. Easy to clean. High hygiene.
  • Ergonomic and Anti-slip design: matt body surface + anti-slip grip.


  • ADJUSTABLE DIAL: By turning the rotary dial, you can freely choose the length according to actual needs. Its wide range takes all skin concerns and conditions into consideration.
  • 6 SPEED SETTINGS: Allowing for various individual situations, Glopen dermapen supports 6 levels of working speed from weak to strong to fit different skin conditions and sections.
  • PROFESSIONAL CARTRIDGES: fine cartridges adopt individual aseptic packaging for disposable use, with no need for extra sterilization. After massive research, the most practical 16 pins, 36 pins, and painless nano needling for option.
  • RECHARGEABLE WIRELESS OPERATION: Glopen microneedling can be quickly fully charged in only 4 hours or so. It supports wireless use. Very easy to use at home or carry around. (Nano needling length: 0.25mm.)
  • SUPER EASY TO USE: Glopen microneedling pen is specially designed for home use. Supplemented by our readable user manual, people with zero experience can get started and receive professional spa results.
What's in the box?
1 x Rechargeable Microneedling Pen
1 x 16-pin Cartridges, 1x36-pin Cartridges, 1x Nano Cartridges.
1 x Charger
1 x USB cable
1 x English Instruction Manual

Professional Use Only 

Ref.#: Derma Pen-GloPen E6

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