Facial Steamer (KT-1000A)

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Facial Steamer (KT-1000A)

Utilizing steam to moisten and whiten the skin, promote blood circulation, and expedite its metabolism, so the sebaceous dirt deposited in sweat pores can be easily discharged

Steamer Cleaning Instructions 


  • Empty jar and let dry
  • Clean rubber seal around rim
  • Use fresh distilled water for each client
  • Before your first client, turn steamer on to warm up

Important Pro Tips

  • Unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer, always use distilled water in your steamer. This will minimize mineral buildup and prolong the life of the steamer.
  • Do not leave water in steamer overnight. Always empty and dry jar at the end of the day.
  • Never put essential oils or herbs directly in the steamer water. This can cause spitting and possible steamer malfunction.
  • Never leave vinegar solution in jar longer than 1 hour - doing so can corrode heating coils.

Size: 24.5x72.7x66 cm

NW: 10 kgs


Ref. #: KT-1000A

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