Poya New SM Face Care RF System Home Anti-Wrinkle Device

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Poya New SM Face Care RF System Home Anti-Wrinkles Device Producing Professional Results

About the product

  • ✔ RF self-care at your convenience at your home skin care.
  • ✔ Ultra Slim & Light; Unnecessary for separate ground plate
  • ✔New RF Technology; Compact Design
  • ✔ Reshape the outline of face, increase blood circulation and metabolism.
  • ✔ Tighten skin and decrease fine wrinkles. Stimulate collagen cells and increase skin flexibility.

Face Care RF System: Helps to create and strengthen  collagen fibers in the skin by, promoting cell function and blood circulation. Reducing wrinkles and sagging of the skin.  Ultra slim/Ultra-Light/ ideally suited for self-use home care

RF (Radio Frequency)is generally safe and works on Males or Females

Dermatologists who perform RF therapy will tell you that this technology has come a long way. The first in-office treatments years ago required sedation for patients because the process hurt a lot and sometimes had bad side effects. But devices are much more advanced and safer now. You can now safely treat  yourself at home with the HABALAN Poya device.  The most you’re likely to feel is a warm sensation. You cannot overdo your session at home, the device will shut off after a period of time if you continue the session you might mildly redden your skin, which will disappear with in a few hours.
RF works for males and females, regardless of skin pigmentation. The only requirement is wanting to erase wrinkles and firm up sagging skin. The exception would be if their case is serious enough that the only solution is cosmetic surgery, like a facelift. That might be the case if someone experienced dramatic weight loss in a short period of time. Otherwise, many people who see that their skin is aging will be able to turn back the tide with RF treatments.

            Benefit: face care/ facial lifting with the creation of collagen/wrinkle care plus lightening of dark spots.

  • Brand: Habalan
  • Model: POYA NEW SM 
  • Output Frequency : 0.5MHz 
  • Input Voltage : AC110V/220V / 50/60Hz
  • Type : Korea C type
  • Power Consumption : 50W
  • Dimension : 280x90 (mm)

Weight : 1.55kg

Professional Use Only 

This is high tech Equipment , Please allow 4~6 weeks lead to process shipment if item is not in inventory . Email us for detail .

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