Massage Brush Machine KT-2005

Massage Brush Machine KT-2005

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Massage Brush Machine KT-2005


       The purpose of the massage brush is to slough off the dead cells and remove any dirt and grime that clings the surface of the skin. Before any peeling is done the skin should be cleaned with either viscose sponges or cotton pads, And the face is vaporized or steamed with warn, most towels soften the dead surface cells so that they can be more easily removed, And the turning brushes also the massage valid.

Operating Guidance

1, Select appropriate brush and insert into the brush handle, It will be locked in place as hear a “Click” sound.

2, Turn switch ”ON” then set speed according to client’s skin condition. Usually slow peeling speed be used on dry and sensitive and faster speed on skin that is coarse and thick.

3, Turn handle switch, the brush turn clockwise then anti-clockwise.

4, The peeling, start on the neck, the jaw, chin, cheeks, upper lips, nose and forehead.

5, The way to change brush: Turn switch “OFF” first then use a light force to pull off the brush and insert another brush.

6 Types of brushes and usage:

  A: Large and medium wool brush: for cheek, chin and forehead.

 B: Small wool brush: for eyelids, lips and nose.

C: Sponge: for sensitive skin.

D: Plaster wheel: for dead surface skin or coarse and body treatment.

1, Handle switch.  2, Plaster Wheel. 3, Small Brush.  4, Medium Brush. 5, Large sponge. 6, Small sponge. 7, Large Brush.


      1. Skin with broken capillaries, brushes may used very lightly over this area, And the severe broken capillaries peeling had to be avoid.

      2. The brush should be vertically with skin

  1. Avoid setting hair into brush.
  2. Following each treatment the brush should be thoroughly clean. When not use, the cleaned brushes can store in the sterilizer cabinet.

      5. The brush should always be moist with water to soften the bristles.

  1. A tissue is held over the brush after moisturizing and the machine is turned on at a slow speed for few seconds to remove excess moisture.


Voltage: 100V~120V/60Hz, Wattage: 13W. Ampere: 0.11A , Fuse: 5A

Size:  LxWxH=50X42X21(cm), Weight : 4KG

Ref. #: KT-2005


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