O2 Jet Plus

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O2 Jet Plus
1. The importance of oxygen: What are the effects of skin hypoxia?
  •  Cell activity slows down
  •  Premature aging of cells
  •  Loose skin
  •  Dull, pale, yellow complexion
         Why are most oxygen treatments and products ineffective? Most beauty products claim to be able to penetrate deep into the epidermis and bring nutrients into the bottom layer of the skin for absorption. However, this is not actually the case because the main function of the stratum corneum in the epidermis is to resist ultraviolet light, bacteria, hot and cold changes, chemicals, and protect the skin. Protect from harm; because the function of the stratum corneum is to resist foreign objects, general skin care products are blocked by the stratum corneum and have difficulty penetrating into the dermis where new cells are produced.
          General oxygen therapy only relies on the skin and breathing to absorb oxygen, which is difficult to penetrate into the basal layer. O2 Jet Plus breaks through the traditional penetration principle and uses 10kg per square meter of high pressure combined with saline exfoliation technology to remove aged cuticles and increase the skin's absorption capacity. And subsequent active skin care products are injected into the growth layer of the epidermis to accelerate skin regeneration and absorb nutrients. High-pressure technology can increase the swing of fluid and biological nutrients between cells, allowing beauty products to quickly penetrate from the stratum corneum into the growth layer, the lowest layer of the epidermis, for absorption, and then into the basal layer to exert greater effectiveness. Experiments have proven that after using O2 Jet Plus, oxygen products can penetrate the basal layer of the skin within 60 seconds; on the contrary, without using O2 Jet Plus for treatment, the product cannot penetrate even the stratum corneum.
O2 Jet Plus treatment modalities
  •  O2 J et Plus high pressure jet
  •  Oxyspray spray gun
2. 2 output methods for you to choose:
1) High pressure spray:
    High pressure injection: O2 Jet Plus breaks through the traditional penetration principle and uses 10kg high-pressure jet per square meter combined with saline exfoliation technology to remove aged cuticles and accelerate cell recovery, increase skin absorption, accelerate skin regeneration and absorb nutrients.
 2) Low pressure spray gun:
    The spray form outputs a specially designed beauty formula, which is especially suitable for post-care of cosmetic surgeries, laser treatments, acne and deep peel treatments.
O2Jet Plus Beauty Concept Effective Treatment
  •  Mature and atrophic skin
  •  Regenerate cell skin, restructure elasticity and collagen
  •  Smokers have pale complexion and diseased skin
  •  Acne purify skin  Hyperpigmentation, elderly people, sunburned skin
  •  Sensitive skin including sensitivity after laser and chemical treatments.
Professional beauty salon care:
  •  Smoothes fine lines and tightens pores
  •  Make skin regain nutrition, luster and delicateness
  •  Restore elasticity and tighten skin
  •  Remove defects  Reduce age spots and uneven pigmentation
  •  Provide sufficient oxygen to the skin and remove yellowish complexion
  •  Improve skin texture after sun exposure
  •  Improve damaged skin and reduce redness caused by excessive dermabrasion, laser
  • treatment and other irritating procedures. Phenomenon and reorganization of healthy cells
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