Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

  1. Product introduction

The desktop Aurora Star picosecond laser is a laser with a pulse duration (pulse width) emitted by each laser reaching the picosecond level ; it uses the most cutting-edge technology to treat pigmented diseases. Through fast and powerful energy, the pigment in the skin is more finely smashed, and then the principle of lymphatic drainage is used to completely remove tattoos and pigmentation. Therefore, the treatment process is shortened from the original 10 times to 2-3 times, and the dermis is not damaged, the possibility of side effects is reduced, and the success rate of the operation is improved.

  1. Technical principle

E picosecond laser is a laser whose pulse duration (pulse width) of each laser emission reaches picosecond level.

According to the principle of selective photo thermolysis, the shorter the action time of the laser, the less likely the laser energy absorbed and accumulated in the target tissue will spread to the surrounding tissue, and the energy will be limited to the target to be treated to a certain extent, protecting the surrounding area. normal tissue, the more selective the treatment is. The pulse width of the picosecond laser is only 1% of that of the traditional Q-switched laser. Under this ultra-short pulse width, the light energy cannot be converted into heat energy, and almost no photothermal effect is produced. The photomechanical effect is blasted and torn into pieces, and the selectivity is stronger, which can make pigmented skin lesions produce stronger curative effect under shorter treatment times. In one sentence, "Picosecond lasers break down pigment particles more thoroughly, while causing less damage to surrounding tissue."

If we compare the original pigment particles to rocks, the traditional Q-switched laser can crush these rocks into the size of pebbles, and after using the picosecond laser, they can be crushed into fine sand, so that the absorption efficiency of pigment fragments is reduced. Greatly improved.

  1. Application

Remove tattoos, eyeliner, lipliner, Epidermal and Dermal Pigment, Acquired nevus-like spots of Ota (pigmented spots on both sides), Freckles , age spots , sun spots , simple spots , coffee spots

  1. technical parameter

Laser Type: ND: YAG

Display: 10.1 inch capacitive screen

Laser wavelength: 532nm, 1064nm, (785nm optional)

Maximum energy: 2.0 J

Working frequency: 1-10HZ adjustable

Pulse width: 2000ps

Cooling system: air cooling + water cooling

Far infrared: 1-6 files adjustable

Water temperature monitoring: yes

Water flow monitoring: yes

Spot diameter: 2-10mm

Power: 2000W

Supply voltage: 220V/110V can be customized

  1. Instrument operation

5.1 Turn on the instrument, the instrument enters the self-check calibration interface

5.2 After the calibration is completed, click to enter the operation interface

①Background settings

②Spot size

③Water flow display

④Water temperature display

⑤Wavelength switching

⑥Frequency adjustment

⑦Energy regulation

⑧Lighting times


⑩Far infrared adjustment

  1. Taboo crowd
  • heart disease, high blood pressure
  • pregnant women, people with epilepsy
  • Hypertension, diabetes patients
  • Customers with light allergies
  • People who have been working under strong light for a long time and have recently sunburned skin
  • Clients for short-term resurfacing
  • Clients taking antioxidant or hormonal medications
  1. Precautions

7.1 Handling safety

  • The instrument has internal memory of precision components, and users should try not to move it far away.
  • Before transporting the machine, the water in the instrument must be drained, and the sealing caps of the water filling port, overflow port and water discharge port must be tightened;
  • Remove the light guide arm and put it in a special box;
  • The shock-absorbing packaging provided by the original manufacturer must be used during transportation, otherwise it may cause the optical system to be out of tune and affect the energy output.

7.2 Electrical Safety

When the instrument is running, there is high voltage. After the power is turned off, the high-voltage components may still have residual voltage. If the chassis is opened at will, there is a danger of high-voltage electric shock!

7.3 Operational safety

  • It must be filled with water before starting up, otherwise the laser will be burned ! And use purified water or medical distilled water.
  • Check the circuit and water circuit of the instrument immediately after turning it on, and observe the safety of the circuit and water circuit from time to time throughout the operation.
  • Never look directly at the strong light coming from the front end of the bald handpiece.
  • Reflective substances such as watches, mirrors, jewelry, etc. are prohibited in the treatment room.
  • Keep the light guide system clean at all times and make sure that the cold gel does not contaminate the light guide system.

7.4 Routine maintenance

①Clean the handle probe : Clean the handle immediately after use. After the laser handle has been used for a period of time, the lens of the handle probe should be regularly checked and cleaned ; during the operation , the splash of pigment particles in the tissue splashes on the lens of the probe , which affects the light output of the instrument and easily causes the weakening of the energy light . .

②After the instrument has been used for a period of time, pure water needs to be replaced about 15-20 days ; open the water hole sealing cap, drain the water , and then inject pure water ;

  1. Maintenance and service

8.1 The instrument is guaranteed for 12 months for the main unit and 3 months for the handle from the date of purchase (with the receipt) ; during the warranty period, the instrument failure (non-artificial phenomenon) is repaired free of charge. Those who exceed the warranty period can also be responsible for maintenance, and charge the cost of spare parts and consumables according to the company's regulations (transportation costs are borne by the customer). If you need to add or buy, please contact our company.

8.2 Free maintenance and warranty services are not provided for the failures caused by the following personal reasons:

  • Failures caused by unauthorized disassembly and modification of this product;
  • Malfunctions caused by the use of hand tools not delivered by the company;
  • Failures caused by careless use, beating, or falling;
  • Malfunction due to lack of reasonable maintenance;
  • Failure caused by improper use according to the instructions for use .

Supply voltage: 220V/110V can be customized

Ref.#: Picoway Device P3

Professional Use Only 

   This is high tech Equipment , Please allow 4~6 weeks lead to process shipment if item is not in inventory . Email us for detail .

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