Supersonic Beautification De-Wrinkle Instrument DE-007A

Supersonic Beautification De-Wrinkle Instrument DE-007A

  • $853.00

Supersonic Beautification De-Wrinkle Instrument 


  • To soften the blood bloc and remove the blocable of blood circulating
  • To eliminate the acne scars be cured
  • To resolve the abnormal skin
  • To Prevent / eliminate from wrinkling and to extravagate blood.
  • To soften / get rid of the fat ball in face, and the acne be cured.
  • To cure the sclerosis
  • To improve the skin to soften
  • To beautify chest, slim and shape body.

Major Function

  • While using the machine with the nutrition cream can to reinforce skin permeation, and to promote the nutrition cream be absorbed.
  • To resolve the pigment, eliminate the acne scars
  • To get rid of fatting , excessive muscle, and to slim
  • TO prevent the breast from losing flexi table, and to increase the flexi table of breast
  • Result from the warm action will be increased the absorption of medicine It will be get rid of the blocable of blood circulating and to soften the blood bloc.
  • To eliminate the blood congestion and release the painful.

Only supersonic can do massage 1 million times for one second.

The biggest feature of supersonic is by tiny massaging to appear the partial warm effectively

It’s the most magic feature, to made the wrinkle disappeared and the cell vivacious, which is by tiny massaging , and made of chemical physical effective by the partial warmth.


Voltage: AC 110V ; Frequency: 50-60Hz; Vibration: 1MHz;

 Electric Cosumption: 15W; MEASUREMENT : 25x21x9Cm

Ref. #: DE-007A


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