Vacuum/Spray Lotion Machine KT-3112

  • $249.00

 The KT-3112 Vacuum/Spray Lotion Machine is a commercial-grade pore aspirator designed for use in professional esthetic salons. Impactful in extracting dirt and impurities from deep within the skin's pores, this device opens pores with a hot towel before and aspirating to ensure optimal cleansing of the skin. Clinically tested and proven to improve skin texture and provide a more polished complexion, this machine guarantees visible results.

How to use


  1. Use a steamer to apply steam to the entire face to expand the pores
  2. Apply suction to areas of concern to absorb dirt


  1. Fill the spray bottle with purified water or lotion
  2. Spray it all over your face.

Parts to clean

Glass tube (or plastic), tube, filter, bottle


1.  AC110V/60Hz , 2. Output power: 6W, 3. Body size: 29.5x20x15 cm, 4. Weight: 6kg(including outer box)
Made in Taiwan

       Professional Use only

Ref.#: KT-3112

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