MINI Supersonic With Light: BB-383

MINI Supersonic With Light: BB-383

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MINI Supersonic With Light: BB-383


Ultrasonic vibration increases metabolism as well as stimulating the cortext which can’t be stimulated by hand. With the right combination of photo-therapy, it can further enhance the effect of the treatment.

 Color-light (Magenta light 464nm,Yellow light 592nm)

 Through light, cells become active therefore improving the appearance of the skin. Mean while, the fibroblasts in the skin will become active, aiding in the cell regeneration. It helps to improve on the appearance of wrinkles, spots and acne caused by the redness of the skin and enlargement of the pores. The natural radiance of skin is restored.


Color-IR Ultrasonic is a combination of ultrasonic and color light. It’s a portable device which can be used personally and/or professionally. It can help to reduce the presence of wrinkles, freckles and firm the skin.

 Ⅲ、Operation Procedures

Step1:Choose SONIC+LED mode to massage 5 minutes.

 1、Install the SONIC head on the device body if it hasn’t been attach yet.

 2、Connect powers supply the device.

 3、 Press the LEVEL button to turn the device on. Press the LEVEL button again to switch to FACE OILY mode.

4、Later, choose OILY/DRY/NORMAL according to different skin type by pressing LEVEL button.

 5、Press LED button to choose CW (light is on) or Impulse. Slowly and gently massage each part of the skin that has blemishes for 5 minutes. Repeat this treatment everyday to yield the best results. In case of sensitivity, avoid using treatment everyday and use it every other day instead.

★When using around eyes, please do close your eyes.

★When not in use and the power is still on; the device will become a bit warm. So to keep safe, the device will automatically stop in 30 seconds during this time. When the device is moved, it will restart on its own.

 NoticeMake sure you are using the appropriate adaptor, which came with the device. Usage of another adapter will render device in operable. When not using the machine, please unplug the adaptor from the device and keep it in a safe place. After 15 minutes of non-use, the device is automatically turn off.


Clean the entire device after each treatment with a wet towel or tissue.

★Do not submerge in the water.

★Do not use on pregnant women

★Please place the device where children cannot reach.

★Please do not put the device anywhere that is hig-temperature, high humidity and lots of dust.

★Please do not put the device directly under the sun, near water or near fire.

★Please do not put the device near any magnetic fields or electric waves.


Name:Color-IR Ultrasonic

Power:     BODY    OILY    NORMAL    DRY

SONIC         7.2W     6W      5.5W        5W

SONIC+LED    8.2W     7W      6.5W        6W

LED           2.5W(RED+YELLOW)

LED wavelength       464nm(RED)  592nm(YELLOW)

SONIC Frequency:   1MHz   

Weight: 122g     Size: 180mm×50mm×30mm

Adaptor: Output Voltage:DC 24V  1A ;  Input voltage:AC 100~240V; Input frequency:50/60H

 Ref. #: BB-383

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