Photon Tender Skin Machine: UC-3039

Photon Tender Skin Machine: UC-3039

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Photon Tender Skin Machine: UC-3039

Function: Motive Lights is composed of light-emitting diodes(LED) of high irradiance and low electric current, it kind of safety shine. It used light wave of low electric current to permeate into dermis directly.

In the motive lights therapy, it affected skin recovery faster, producing a new collagen under the skin. It can be used to reduce lines and wrinkles in the skin, it can also reduce pore size, age spots and acne, making the skin looks more health.

Red light-wavelength(604nm+-5nm) 

Red light is the lengthiest than others that we can see it. The main function is activeate cells, producing an new collagen under the skin, and reduciing the age spots, wrinkles at the same time. It suitable sensitive and dry skin. It is also effective for blood circulation, reduce age spots and melanin, speed epidermis cells recovery and increase the circulation, it also effective for blemishes and discoloration. It can imporve dark circle of eyes, make your skin more bright, increase skin moisture. let your skin more smoothly.



    Ref. #: UC-3039

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