AQUA SKIN II Mesotherapy

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AQUA SKIN II Mesotherapy

PURPOSE: This device is applied to inject medicine and it consisted of main body, hand-piece and adaptor to supply power. It is used to assist injection out of touch with human body or medicine directly. This device is indirect infusion device for beauty of face.



Preparation before use:

1. Read the user manual before use and well informed instruction and precautions.
2. Check if the power switch if OFF.
3. Power cord must connect the socket with ground.
4. Electrical spark can be occurred and keep to avoid explosive place.
5. Never expose the unit to water
6. Before use check if the hand piece, power cord and so on are connected properly to the main device.
7. To avoid the yield of low current such as low frequency leakage by defective defense ground system, BOLTIMO should be connected to device.
8. BOLTIMO should be installed 30cm distance from the wall and avoid corner and shelf.
9. Before use, the connection parts (Hand piece and so on) should be connected properly.
10. The contact surface of the hand piece should be cleaned by clean gauze.

Method of use and Order of operation

1. Connect injector with main body.
2. Connect main power connector at the back and turn on the switch to operate device.
3. Set up desired function
4. Operate on surgical part

 Injection Depth : 0~5mm(0.2mm interval)  Injection Mode : intermittent, continue  Dose
1) Intermittent : 5~30 ㎕(1 ㎕ accuracy)
2) Continue : 0.8~7.5 cc/min
 Suction Filter : Dual Filter(Each one body & hand piece)  AC Power : 100-240V~/ 50~60Hz  DC Adapter : 12V / 3.5A  Power Consumption : 30W

Disposable Multi Needle: 

Hand-Piece Filter: 


Ref.#: CWM-220

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